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6th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

April 24-25, 2023

April 24 -26, 2023 | Orlando, USA
World Nano 2023

Mohamed B El Bhery

Mohamed B El Bhery, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conferences
Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Egypt
Title : Restoration and conservation of historical textiles using covalently immobilized enzymes on nanoparticles


Historical textiles in the burial environment or in museums are exposed to many types of stains and dirt that are associated with historical textiles by multiple chemical bonds that cause damage to historical textiles. The cleaning process must be carried out with great care, with no irreversible damage, and sediments removed without affecting the original material of the surface being cleaned. Science and technology continue to provide innovative systems in the bio-cleaning process (using pure enzymes) of historical textiles and artistic surfaces. Lipase and α-amylase were immobilized on nanoparticles of alginate/κ-carrageenan complex and used in historical textiles cleaning. Preparation of nanoparticles, activation, and enzymes immobilization were characterized.  Optimization of loading time and units of the two enzymes were done. It was found that, the optimum time and units of amylase were 4 hrs and 25U, respectively. While, the optimum time and units of lipase were 3 hrs and 15U, respectively. 


Mohamed B. El Bhery, archaeologist, Department of Restoration of Egyptian Antiquities, central and western Delta, Egypt. He graduated as an MS in 2021. He has participated in the restoration of some wooden elements and icons of the Church of the Martyr Abanoub in the western city of Samnod; the restoration of wooden elements in al-Mutawali Mosque in the large city of Mahalla; the restoration of wooden elements of the Grand Mosque in Pirma; ceramic tiles and frescoes at Abu Al-Nader Shata Mosque in Abu Mandour-Kafr al-Sheikh;  the restoration of stone elements in the museum garden attached to the Great Ali Bey Path in Tanta city and then securing its transfer to the museum store in Rashid; the restoration of the marble of the plunge pool, slaughterhouse, scrap marble and the floors of Ibrahim Sirajuddin's bathroom in The City of Samnod; the restoration of the temple of Bahbit al-Sharbi in the west, Egypt.