HYBRID EVENT: You can participate in person at Las Vegas or Virtually from your home or work.

4th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

April 25-27, 2022

April 25 -27, 2022 | Las Vegas, USA

World Nano 2020

Thomas J Webster, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Northeastern University College of Engineering, United States

Title: Hello implantable nanosensors: Goodbye old-fashion hospitals

Mubarak Ali M, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
TKM College of Engineering, India

Title: Application of nanomaterials as spacecraft shields

Seongwoo Woo, Speaker at World Nano technology conference
Addis Ababa Science & Technology University, Ethiopia

Title: Reliability Design of Mechanical Systems Subjected to Repetitive Stresses

Ananya Bhatheja, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
University of Central Florida, United States

Title: Ceria infused nano silk fibre patch fabrication and Applications

Alexander Frolov, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Independent Researcher, Russian Federation

Title: Active Force Material

Pryadko Nataliya, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Institute of Techchnical Mehanics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Ukraine

Title: Producing nanomaterials by jet grinding with acoustic process control