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April 27-29, 2020 | Philadelphia, USA


Speaker for World Nano 2020
Thomas Mensah
Georgia Aerospace Systems, USA

Title: Commercializing Nanotechnology

Eminent Speaker for World Nano 2020
Mahmoud Khodari Maeila Hamed
South Valley University, Eygpt

Title: Applications of Nano-Materials in Chemistry

Speaker for World Nano 2020
Mohammed Amer
University of California, United States

Title: Emerging New Van der Waals Semiconductor Devices: Opportunities and Challenges

Speaker for World Nano 2020
Christoph Alexiou
University Hospital Erlangen, Germany

Title: Iron oxide nanoparticles for biomedical applications - the SEON concept

Speaker for World Nano 2020
Henrique E. Toma
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Title: A sustainable nanotechnological approach for urban mining and recovery of strategic elements

Speaker for World Nano 2020
Adam Januszko
General Tadeusz Kosciuszko Military University of Land Forces, Poland

Title: Carbon nanotubes and carbon nanotubes-polymer compositions for photovoltaics and aviation application