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10th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

March 10-12, 2025

March 10 -12, 2025 | Rome, Italy
World Nano 2020

Zaneta Swiatkowska Warkocka

Zaneta Swiatkowska Warkocka, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
IFJ PAN, Poland
Title : Role of solvent in composite particles formation during pulsed laser irradiation process


In the last decades, laser processing has become an important route for producing nanoparticles. Pulsed laser ablation method uses a focusing laser beam which can bring high energy density on small areas on target what leads to explosive particles formation. Using an unfocused laser beam for irradiation nanoparticles dispersed in liquid results in a completely different formation of particles. These irradiated particles were melt, merged resulting in a submicrometer spherical particles formation.  

In this work taking metal oxides (α-Fe2O3, Fe3O4, CoO, NiO) particles as examples, we investigate and discuss the physical and chemical processes involved in particles formation by laser irradiation of nanoparticles dispersed in liquids. We will show the role of the solvent, and interaction not only between particles but also between particles and solvent molecules. The detailed discussion will be reported at the conference. We believe, that exploring the interactions between irradiated material and solvent molecules, and investigating the thermodynamic behavior of particles in various circumstances are needed to produce materials with specific structures and unique physical properties.


Ph.D. obtained in 2005 from Jagiellonian University. In the years 2008-2011 Scholarship holder of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Tsukuba. Her research works are focus on the synthesis of composite materials and investigation of their properties.