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6th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

April 24-25, 2023

April 24 -26, 2023 | Orlando, USA
World Nano 2023

Abdelhak Merabti

Abdelhak Merabti, Speaker at Nanotechnology in the development of Solar PV cell
Higher Normal School of Bechar, Algeria
Title : Nanotechnology in the development of solar PV cell


One of the major problems that humanity has to face in the next 50 years is the energy crisis. Over fifty years, numerous studies have been performed on different design aspects and performance characteristics of photovoltaic (PV) cells with a common goal of producing fully integrated PV modules to compete with the traditional energy sources. The current solar power technology has little chance to compete with fossil fuels. Today’s solar cells are simply not efficient enough and are currently too expensive to manufacture for large-scale electricity generation. The current trend in research suggests that the application of nanotechnology may be the awaited break needed to break this cost barrier. Nanotechnology promises to reduce cost because they require less con-trolled conditions, which will greatly reduce the cost per cell, and the initial cost of a new cell type. Developments in nanotech solar cells via nanotubes, quantum dots, and hot carriers could reduce the cost of PV cells and modules for bulk power generation as well as improve the cell conversion efficiency. Although the nanotechnology is only capable of supplying low power devices with sufficient energy, its effects have on society are tremendous. It efficiency  by increasing the absorption efficiency of light as well as the overall radiation-to-electricity would help preserve the environment, decrease soldiers carrying loads, provide electricity for rural areas, and have a wide array of  commercial applications due to its wireless capabilities.


Abdelhak Merabti was born in Béchar on June 27, 1973. He completed his university studies at the Faculty of Exact Sciences, Tahri Mohamed Béchar University, Algeria, in 2017, and achieved an advanced rank in terms of merit.

He has 22 years of teaching experience. He is currently working as a Professor at the Physics Department at the Higher Normal School of Béchar, Algeria. Abdelhak Merabti has many international publications for research papers and many participations in international conferences.