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8th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

March 18-20, 2024

March 18 -20, 2024 | Singapore
World Nano 2024

Fakhraddin Pasha Abasov

Fakhraddin Pasha Abasov, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
Institute of Radiation Problems Ministry of Science and Education, Azerbaijan
Title : Degradation of silicon two-barrier thin film structures for solar cells under influence of ionization radiation


Developed two - barrier structures with a nanostructured base based on silicon. Exposed to gamma radiation at the 60Co facility and analyzed the photoelectric properties of the resulting structures and proved that the use of these structures improves the photoelectric properties of traditional photovoltaic structures and creates a high integral sensitivity in the short-wavelength region of the spectrum. The effect of ionizing and penetrating gamma radiation on the photoelectric and photoluminescent parameters of the studied two-barrier structural converters has been studied. The main role in the photoelectric losses of the structures under study is played by oxygen-containing centers (V2+O and V+O). With a further increase in the radiation dose, an irreversible decrease in photosensitivity occurs due to a significant increase in the resistance of the base.