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10th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

March 10-12, 2025

March 10 -12, 2025 | Rome, Italy
World Nano 2019

Functionalized graphene oxide as a new, high performance adsorbent of heavy metal ions and organic dyes

Dawid Pakulski, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland
Title : Functionalized graphene oxide as a new, high performance adsorbent of heavy metal ions and organic dyes


During the last decade, two-dimensional materials (2DMs) have gathered a great attention due to their unique chemical and physical properties which make them attractive platforms for diverse applications in sensing and uptake of heavy metal ions. Metal ions and organic dyes in the aqueous environment have caused various diseases and seriously threaten ecosystem and public health with the rapid development of the industry in recent years.Many efforts have been made to develop portable sensors for monitoring heavy metals and dyes in the environment. The obtained results show a new generation of adsorbents based on two-dimensional materials (2DMs) along with their full spectroscopic and morphological characterization. By mastering supramolecular and (dynamic) covalent chemistry approaches, we functionalized 2DMs sheets with functional molecular units exhibiting high affinity towards various heavy metal ions and cationic dyes. In particular, the growth of 2D covalently functionalized architectures were attained by exploring the functionalization of GO through the ring-opening reaction of epoxy groups and amide formation through functionalization of carboxylic groups of GO. Such an approach will make it possible to control the affinity of GO towards specific metal ions and fabricate robust and highly functionalized 2D architectures, which were used in preliminary studies as adsorbents for removal of heavy metal ions.


Dawid Pakulski received his MSc degree from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan ́, Poland (2015). He is currently a PhD student in the frame of the ‘‘cotutelle’’ program at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan ́ (Poland) and the University of Strasbourg (France). His current research focuses on the design and synthesis of graphene-based materials, with particular emphasis on membranes and foams for water purification and detection of heavy metal ions. He has published 10 research articles in scientific journals