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8th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

March 18-20, 2024

March 18 -20, 2024 | Singapore
World Nano 2021

Shazia Bano

Shazia Bano, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Harvard Medical School, United States
Title : Targeting receptor heterogeneity using molecular targeted photochemical-nanoplatform


The complex tissue architecture with enormous cellular diversity in malignant lesions and the tumor microenvironment, and its transformation with time is a pivotal driver of treatment resistance. Molecular targeted photonanomedicine offer unique capabilities and has held promise to be successful for the delivery of therapeutic agents to cancer cells and hence the anticancer treatment due to its specificity towards tumor cells that express the target receptors. However, not all targeting drugs used in the clinic are equally effective to achieve high therapeutic efficacy for tumor eradication. Biochemical and biophysical properties of targeted agents are pivotal for their effective distribution inside the heterogenous tumor and their efficient cellular uptake.The rationale of our current work is to design a triple functional Photoimmuno nanoconjugates doped with a photoactivatable chromophore benzoporphyrin derivative and with active targeting ligands Cetuximab, holo-transferrin and Trastuzumab to target EGFR, HER-2 and Transferrin receptors to increase both the selectivity and specificity of photosensitizers delivery to improve the therapeutic efficacy demonstrating selective photodynamic destruction of target cancer to the clinically relevant cancer model.

Audience take away:

•    molecular targeting
•    receptor heterogeneity
•    photoimmuno nanoconjugates


Shazia Bano is a postdoctoral research Fellow at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital. She obtained her doctoral degree in Physics (Medical) from The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. Utilizing her skills in fabrication and characterization of nanoconstructs for biomedical applications, she is currently contributing to the development of targeted nanotherapeutics for simultaneous imaging and delivery of photodynamic therapy combination treatment regimens.