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10th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

March 10-12, 2025

March 10 -12, 2025 | Rome, Italy
World Nano 2022

Dhandapani Nagasamy Venkatesh

Dhandapani Nagasamy Venkatesh, Speaker at Nanotechnology conferences
JSS College of Pharmacy, India
Title : Atazanavir loaded nano structured lipid carriers: Preparation and characterisation


The aim of the present work was to prepare and characterization of atazanavir loaded nanostructured lipid carriers, Atazanavir (ATV), chosen is a BCS class II drug with poor water solubility and high permeability (log p of 4.11). In adults, ATV-recommended therapeutic dose is 400 mg once a day. Besides these, it undergoes rapid first-pass metabolism in liver, leading eventually to marked reduction in the drug oral bioavailable fraction (i.e., 60%) in humans and animals such as rats, and so on. To circumvent the aforementioned limitations, various formulation approaches of ATV have been reported such as, nanocrystals, nanoparticles, tablets and capsules but all with limited fruition. Atazanvair loaded nano structured NLC formulation was prepared by solvent emulsification-evaporation technique.  The formulated solid lipid nanoparticles have the mean particle size 130 nm, zeta potential was found to be -13.2 mV and Polydispersity index values were found to be 0.27. DSC and FTIR studies revealed change in the crystallinity index of drug when incorporated into NLC. Cell lines studies and In-vitro cytotoxicity studies was carried out to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the formulation.

Audience take-away:

  • They audience can learn about the method of preparation of atazanavir loaded nanostructured lipid carriers.
  • Characterization technique’s involved in the study.
  • Use of this drug loaded NLC in exhibiting the in vitro cytotoxicity studies using an appropriate cell lines.


D. Nagasamy Venkatesh is working as Associate Professor at Department of Pharmaceutics, JSS College of Pharmacy, Udhagamandalam. India.  He is interested in developing certain nanobased drug delivery systems for antiviral and anticancer drugs. His research is also extended in developing oral sustained/controlled drug delivery systems for certain drugs of therapeutic interest and analytical and bio-analytical method development for such drugs