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10th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

March 10-12, 2025

March 10 -12, 2025 | Rome, Italy
World Nano 2022

Igor Melnyk

Igor Melnyk, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
National Technical University of Ukraine, Ukraine
Title : Estimation of Discharge Arc Current Density in the Technology of Obtaining Ceramic Nanocoatings With Activation of Metal Vapor During Electron-Beam Evaporation


The High Voltage Glow Discharge Electron Guns (HVGDEG) are widely used in industry for obtaining the coating from chemically-complex ceramics, including advanced nanocoatings [1, 2]. The main advantages of applying such type of electron guns for providing Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) of thin films from complex compound is the simplicity of gun construction and evacuation equipment, as well as operation of HVGDEGs in the soft vacuum with the possibility of using different gases, including noble and active ones [1 – 4]. The operation pressure of HVGDEGs is usually in range of 1 – 10 Pa, but it also strongly depended on the using operation gas [3, 4]. If maintaining of the chemical reaction between the evaporated metal and residual gas in the soft vacuum without additional activation is impossible, the nonsimultaneousarc discharge with the cooled ring electrode, located under the crucible, can be used for providing the activation of such reaction [3]. Corresponded electrodes’ scheme of the equipment for arc discharge lighting is presentedat Fig. 1 [3].
For providing the estimation of the level of activation of evaporated material andprobability of its chemical reaction with the residual gas in such conditions, the pervious estimations of the electric parameters of arc lighting is necessary.Therefore, obtaining of analytical relations for such estimations is the subject of this report.


Igor V. Melnyk was born in 1966. He received the Dipl. Eng. degree in electron devices and the Ph.D. degree from the Polytechnic Institute of Kiev, National Technical University of Ukraine, Kiev, in 1989 and 1994, respectively.,Since 1989, he has been with the Electron Devices Center, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, first as an Engineer, then, since 1994, as an Associate Professor. His research interests include computer techniques, mathematical simulation of electron beam and plasma devices, network technologies, and the Internet, including parallel computing.