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10th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

March 10-12, 2025

March 10 -12, 2025 | Rome, Italy
World Nano 2022

Souhail Dhouib

Souhail Dhouib, Speaker at Nanomaterials Conference
Higher Institute of Industrial Management, Tunisia
Title : New Optimization Concept for Combinatorial Problems The Dhouib Matrix


Very recently, we have invented a new optimization concept namely Dhouib-Matrix (DM) in order to solve combinatorial problems. DM gathers several approximative methods subdivided into two categories heuristics and metaheuristics.
We design and develop several heuristics in order to rapidly find an initial basic feasible solution for different combinatorial problems: for the Travelling Salesman Problems which are focused on finding the minimal cycle between several nodes, we create a deterministic heuristic Dhouib-Matrix-TSP1 followed by a stochastic method entitled Dhouib-Matrix-TSP2. Concerning the Assignment Problems which deal with affecting objects to resources (jobs to machines ... etc.), we announce our novel heuristic Dhouib-Matrix-AP1. Also, for the Transportation Problems we propose Dhouib-Matrix-TP1. Furthermore, these problems are optimized under certain and uncertain environments. Thus, we consider these problems with crisp, fuzzy, intuitionistic and neutrosophic parameters.
Moreover, we design several metaheuristics in order to nicely generate the optimal or the near optimal solutions in a reasonable computational time: we design at first the new local search metaheuristic entitled Far-to-Near; followed by a novel iterative metaheuristic namely Dhouib-Matrix-3 (DM3) and an original multi-start metaheuristic entitled Dhouib-Matrix-4 (DM4).
Obviously, the performance of the proposed concept DM is proven based on the simulation results.


Souhail DHOUIB is a Full Professor at University of Sfax, Tunisia. He received his BSc in Management Information System, his Master in Operations Research and PhD in Quantitative Methods. His teaching and research interests are related to the areas of Decision Science, Computer Science and Management Science. His publications have appeared in many international journals. He is artificial intelligence developer and he is the inventor of the concept entitled Dhouib-Matrix which gather heuristics (DM-TSP1, DM-TSP2, DM-AP1, DM-TP1, ... etc.) and metaheuristics (FtN, DM3, DM4, ... etc.).