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6th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

April 24-25, 2023

April 24 -26, 2023 | Orlando, USA
World Nano 2023

Omolola Esther Fayemi

Omolola Esther Fayemi, Speaker at Nanoscience Conferences
North-West University, South Africa
Title : Harnessing Fe3O4 nano-sensor for detecting epinephrine in buff orpington rooster and rhodes island white broiler


This study presents findings resulting from the detection of epinephrine (EP) in real samples from chickens using Fe3O4-modified screen-printed silver electrodes (SPSE). The UV-visible spectroscopy, Fourier-Transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), and Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) were used for characterizing iron oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles prior to the modification of the SPSE. Results show a corresponding rise in the oxidation peak current (Iap) of EP with an increase in EP’s concentration and the scan rate (25-400 mV s-1). Using square wave voltammetry (SWV), a detection limit of 19.3 μM (S/N=3) over a linear range of 9.99-60.9 µM was obtained. Simultaneous detection of EP in the presence of ascorbic acid was also obtained at this electrode. The fabricated sensor used to detect EP in the blood serum, breast muscle, kidneys, spleens, and livers of chicken species, namely Buff Orpington rooster (OR) and Rhodes Island White broiler (RIWB), produced better recovery.


Omolola Esther Fayemi is a Professor of Analytical Chemistry and postgraduate coordinator in the department of Chemistry, at North-West University, Mafikeng, South Africa. Her expertise in the synthesis, characterization and application of nano-based materials through both chemical and green-mediated synthesis. The synthesized nanomaterials are applied in electrochemical sensors for biological, and environmental analytes and for wound dressing. She has published more than 80 research works in accredited journals, and her research outputs are recorded by Google Scholar and ResearchGate.