Title: Smart Emerging Technology to Development Curtains and Upholstery for Theaters and Hospitality

Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar

Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt


Elsayed Ahmed Elnashar, Full-Professor of textiles Apparel, Kaferelsheikh University, Egypt. Born in 19 /8/1965. Have Ph.D. 2000, Msc.1995, Bsc.1989, Helwan University. Diploma1985advanced industrial textiles institute. He holds several academic administrative positions: Dean, Vice Dean, Head of Department, He has many textiles patents, Member of international scientific committees. Development of Faculties of Education, commissioned of Supreme Council of Egyptian Universities. Has design books published in Germany. Has published over 185 scientific Articles. Editorial board member & Reviewer for more 65 journal Founder and editor two scientific journals. And Smartex Conference Egypt. Member of the editorial board of several international journals and conferences, He has made many scientific agreements with European &Africa universities


Smart Emerging Technology of Self-cleaning concept has achieved surprising interest as a result of their particular components and extensive variety of conceivable applications in different fields such as Curtains and Upholstery for Theaters and Hospitality. A superhydrophobic surface with roll off angle less than 10º is called self-cleaning. Because the rolling water droplet takes away all the dust and dirt particles with it and leaves the surface very clean. These self–cleaning surfaces have numerous applications in diverse fields like textiles as Curtains and Upholstery for Theaters and Hospitality, and applications requiring anti-fouling and a reduction of drag in fluid flow. In micro/nanochannels. The methods towards integration of more than one functional property into one fabric were carried out by functionalizing cotton fabric with silver particles which was subsequently modified with octyltriethoxysilane to make it hydrophobic. Various attempts have been made to develop biologically self-cleaning textiles by using some of above mentioned techniques for bacterial growth prevention.