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8th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

March 18-20, 2024

March 18 -20, 2024 | Singapore

Nanochemistry and Wet Nanotechnology

Nanochemistry and Wet Nanotechnology

Nanochemistry is a rapidly growing discipline of chemistry, particularly solid-state chemistry, that focuses on the research and production of usable materials with nanometer-scale dimensions (1–100 nm). It's a new branch of the chemistry and materials sciences that focuses on developing novel ways for producing nanoscale materials. These materials have been explored for a variety of purposes including electronics and nanodevices and systems, composite materials, biotechnology and medicine, and even the textile industry.

Wet nanotechnology is an upcoming new sub-discipline of nanotechnology that will be dominated by different types of wet engineering. The procedures will take place in aqueous solutions and are quite similar to those employed in biotechnology / bio-molecular manufacturing, which is primarily concerned with the creation of biomolecules such as proteins and DNA/RN. Working up to large masses from small ones is the goal of wet nanotechnology (also known as wet nanotech). Wet nanotechnology necessitates the presence of water in the process. Chemists and biologists are also involved in the process, which entails bringing together individual molecules to reach larger scales.

  • Graphene & Fullerenes
  • Medicinal Nanochemistry
  • Nanotechnology in clothing
  • Brownian motion in wet nanotech
  • Hydrophobic Nanotechnology

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