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8th Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

March 18-20, 2024

March 18 -20, 2024 | Singapore



Nanotoxicology is a growing discipline with roots in the toxicity of ultrafine particles in the environment. Nanotoxicology is a discipline of toxicology that studies the toxicity of nanomaterials originating from manufacturing processes (such as spray drying or grinding), combustion processes (such as diesel soot), and naturally occurring processes (such as atmospheric reactions or volcanic eruptions). Some cell subpopulations are more toxic to nanoparticles than others, and toxicity generally varies with cell cycle. Nanotoxicological research focuses on determining the toxic/hazardous effects of nanoparticles and nanopharmaceuticals on individuals and the environment. For toxicological and scientific journals that publish findings from nanotoxicology investigations, improving the quality of data presentation in nanotoxicology studies, particularly in the area of test item characterization, is a major concern.

  • Toxicological assessment of manufactured Nanoparticles
  • Effects of Nanotoxicology in Nanomaterials
  • Impacts of Nanoparticle design in Nanotoxicology
  • Different types of Nanotoxicology
  • Reduction in toxicity while maintaining therapeutic effects

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