2nd Edition of World Nanotechnology Conference

April 19-21, 2021 | Virtual Event

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April 19-21, 2021 | Virtual Event

Sonia Trigueros

Keynote Speaker for World Nanotechnology Conferences 2020
Sonia Trigueros
University of Oxford, UK
Title : Nanobiomedine applications in health and diseases: Special focus on nano-delivery and nano-diagnostics systems


Nanotechnology is a new exciting field that has the potential to transform the way that medical and healthcare solutions are being developing. The talk will be focus on our latest projects from basic research to potential Medical applications. In this the first part of the talk, I will present our preliminary results using DNA-wrapped gold nanoparticles (DNA-gold NPs) for successful in vitro gene delivery on human cell cultures. Our results show faster expression of a reporter gene in cells transfected with DNA-gold NPs compared to DNA-liposome complexes. Furthermore, we show that the DNA-gold NPs follow different uptake, internalization and intracellular vesicle trafficking routes compared to nanoparticles currently use in clinical studies. Also I will present the lasts developments on materials for Nano-diagnostics.

Audience take away:

•    Latest developments on Nanotechnology applications in Medicine
•    What is a Nano-delivery system.
•    Identification of the Major Challenges that Nanotechnology is currently targeting.
•    The talk will provide new information to expand knowledge for research and teaching
•    The talk provide a practical solution for drug and gene delivery and provide new information to assist in a design problem 


Sonia Trigueros’ group focuses on the design of novel nano drug and gene delivery system to targeted cell. Her groups is also developing new Nanomedicines to tackle bacterial antibiotic resistance problem. She has a PhD in molecular biology from IBMB-CSIC and Universidad de Barcelona. After her postdoctoral research fellowships at Harvard and Oxford Universities, Trigueros was a research visitor to several academic institutions including NIH-Washington and Havana University. She is currently an Associated Researcher at the Zoology Department and Academic visitor at the Physics Department and Co-director of the Oxford Martin Programme on NanoMedicine at University of Oxford.